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Personal Shredders

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5 Star Office CC8 Shredder Cross Cut P-4 Security 15 Litre Capacity Black
Q-Connect Q6STR2 Strip Cut Shredder KF10956
Q-Connect Q14MCC Micro Cut Shredder KF17110
Q-Connect Q6CC2 Cross Cut Paper Shredder (Shreds up to 6 sheets of 75gsm paper) KF17971
Q-Connect Q8CC2 Cross Cut Paper Shredder (Shreds up to 8 sheets of 75gsm paper) KF17973
Q-Connect Cross Cut Paper Shredder Q10CC2 (Shreds 10 sheets of 75gsm paper in one pass) KF17975
Fellowes 53C Deskside Shredder 4x35mm Cross Cut 23 Litre Din3 10 Sheet Ref 4653001
Fellowes 60Cs Deskside Shredder Cross Cut DIN3 P-3 22 Litres Ref 4606201
Fellowes M-7C Shredder Cross Cut P-4 14 Litres Ref 4603201
Rexel Prostyle Plus 5 Shredder Cross-cut P-4 7.5 Litres Ref 2104005
Rexel Prostyle Plus 7 Shredder Cross-cut P-4 12 Litre Capacity Ref 2104007
Fellowes P-28S Strip Cut Shredder P- 2 15 Litres Ref 4710201
Fellowes 21Cs Cross Cut Shredder P-3 15 Litres Ref 4360301
Rexel Momentum X308 Shredder Cross Cut P-3 Ref 2104570
Rexel Style Shredder Cross-cut P-4 7.5 Litres Ref 2101942UK
Rexel StylePlus Shredder Cross-cut P-4 12 Litres Ref 2101946UK
Rexel Prostyle Shredder Cross-cut P-4 20 Litres Ref 2101808
Rexel Mercury REX1023 Shredder Cross-cut P-3 23 Litres Ref 2101995
Cathedral Cross Cut Shredder 12 Litre 5 Sheet Black
Rexel Momentum S206 Strip Cut Shredder 9 Litre 6 Sheet Black 2104568
Fellowes Powershred 6C Cross Cut Shredder 11 Litre 6 Sheet Black 4686701
Fellowes M-7Cm Cross Cut Shredder 13 Litre 7 Sheet Black 4701901
Fellowes Powershred 36C Cross Cut Shredder 12 Litre 6 Sheet Black 4700401
Fellowes Powershred 10M Micro Cut Shredder 19 Litre 10 Sheet Black 4630701
HP OneShred 8 15L P4 Cross Cut Shredder 2809
Rexel Promax QS RSX1538 Cross Cut Shredder 38 Litre 15 Sheet Black 2104587
Rexel Promax QS RSS1838 Strip Cut Shredder 38 Litre 18 Sheet Black 2104588
Rexel Promax QS RDD1535 Strip Cut Shredder 35 Litre 15 Sheet Black 2104586
Rexel Promax QS RPX612 Cross Cut Shredder 12 Litre 6 Sheet Black 2104579
Rexel Promax QS RPS812 Strip Cut Shredder 12 Litre 8 Sheet Black 2104580
Rexel Promax QS REX623 Cross Cut Shredder 23 Litre 6 Sheet Black 2104581
Rexel Promax QS RES823 Strip Cut Shredder 23 Litre 8 Sheet Black 2104582
Rexel Promax QS REX823 Cross Cut Shredder 23 Litre 8 Sheet Black 2104583
Rexel Promax QS RSX1035 Cross Cut Shredder 35 Litre 10 Sheet Black 2104585
Rexel Promax QS RES1123 Strip Cut Shredder 23 Litre 12 Sheet Black 2104584
Rexel Secure S5 Strip Cut Shredder 10 Litre 5 Sheet Black 2020121
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